Granny Square Hat

  • This small child size hat can be made using three colors. You could also make the hat one color and the ruffle another or use variegated yarn.
  • Use worsted weight yarn and a size G hook.
  • Each square measures 4½”; make 5 squares.
  • RND 1: Starting at center, CH 6 and join to form ring. CH 3, 2 DC in ring. (CH 1, 3 DC in ring) 3 times. CH 1 and join with SL ST in top of CH 3. Break off if changing colors.
  • RND 2: From any CH 1 space, CH 3. In same space, work 2 DC, CH 1, and 3 DC (first corner made). *CH 1, in next ch--1 sp work, ch1 and 3 DC. Repeat from * twice more. Join with SL ST in top of CH 3. Break off if changing colors.
  • RND 3: In any corner, attach new color. Make first corner in same space. *CH 1, 3 DC in next space (shell made), CH 1, work corner in next space. Repeat from * twice more; CH 1, shell in next space, CH 1; join and break off.
  • RND 4: Attach another color in any corner in same space and work first corner in same space; *(CH 1, shell in next space) twice, CH 1, work corner. Repeat from * twice more. (CH 1, shell in next space) twice; CH 1; join and end.
  • Finishing: Sew 4 squares in a ring (sides of hat). Sew fifth square to one end (top of hat).
  • Edging: Join yarn on right side. Work one row of DC evenly spaced around edge of hat; join. RND 2: * CH 5, skip next DC, SC in next DC, SL ST in next DC.* Repeat from * to * around; join and end off.