Care Wear Patterns: Knit

Booties in Quaker Pattern

Use: Needle size #1 for small, #3 or #4 for baby size and fine weight baby yarn


  • Cast on 44 sts on 3 double pointed needles (14, 14, 16).
  • Knit 8 rounds.
  • Knit in K2 P2 rib for 10 rounds.


  • K1, YO, K2tog to end of round, ending with K2 .
  • K one round.
  • P three rounds.


  • Continue backwards and forward on first 14 sts in the following way: *K1 row, P1 row, K1 row*.
  • Repeat between * * for 24 rows for small (30 rows for baby size).
  • Next row: K2tog, K10, K2tog.


  • With spare needle, pick up 12 (15) sts down sides of instep and K15 from next needle.
  • With free needle, K 15.
  • Pick up 12 (15) on other side of instep.
  • On third needle, K remaining 12 sts.
  • K2 more rounds.
  • Continue in rib of P3 rounds, K3 rounds for 9 rounds.


  • In next row K24, K2tog, K 4.
  • On second needle, K4, K2tog, K 24.
  • On third needle, K2tog, K8, K2tog.
  • K one round.
  • Continue decreasing every other round until only 2 sts remain on third needle.
  • Put 1 of these sts on each of first and second needles, turn work inside out and cast off both lots of stitches together.


  • Two colors may be used to emphasize the stripe effect. Color A (white is nice) for P facing rows and roll at top of cuff. Color B for K facing rows. When changing from color B back to color A, do so after 2 rows instead of 3 to avoid "wrong side" look.


  • Thread ribbon through holes and make a bow.