Care Wear Patterns: Knit

Jester Type Hats

Note: Knit a hat in each yarn and each set of needle sizes to see different gauges.


  • 3-ply sport weight yarn
  • Double pointed needles in sizes #3 and #5, #4 and #6, #5and #7 AND /OR:
  • 4-ply worsted weight yarn
  • Double pointed needles in sizes #4 and #6, #5 and #7, #6 and #8, #7 and #9, #8 and #10, #9 and #10½, #9 and #11

Seamless Hat "A"


  • With larger needles, starting with a single loop, which counts as a knit st, double cast on 60 sts on three needles (20-20-20) in (K1, P1) rib pattern.
  • Being careful not to twist sts, join by knitting the single loop with the tail end of the yarn.
  • Return this st to the left hand needle.
  • Tug on the tail to snug up the join; this eliminates a bump at the joining.
  • Change to smaller needles and work in rib pattern as established for 20 rounds.
  • Change to larger needles and work in stockinet st (knit all rounds) for 20 rounds.
  • K30 and put on one needle.
  • See * and directions for finishing.

Hat "B" With Seam


  • With larger needle, double cast on 61 sts in (K1, P1) pattern; end with K1.
  • Change to smaller needle.
  • Work in rib pattern as established: K all K and P all P as they appear for 20 rows.
  • Change to larger needles and work stockinet st:
  • Row 1(right side): Knit.
  • Row 2 (wrong side): Purl.
  • for 20 rows
  • On right side, K31.
  • Fold hat, wrong sides together.
  • See * and directions for finishing.

* Please note: Until this hat is put on a precious little head, it's just a bland rectangle!


For "A":

  • With yarn end you're knitting with, measure back and forth across 30 sts on needle four times.
  • Add about 6" and cut yarn.

For "B":

  • Do as above, adding enough yarn to sew the side seam.
  • Weave top together.
  • Weave cuff yarn end on inside of turn up.

For both:

•  Securely attach a pom-pom, bell, star, etc. to the "ears" or "horns" in a spiffy color.

You just made a hat and a swatch for each yarn/needle combination! You're so smart!

If weaving is new to you, practice this way:

  • Cast on 20 sts.
  • Work st st for 6 rows.
  • Next row: With contrasting color yarn, K across.
  • Cut contrasting color, leaving about a 2" tail.
  • With another contrasting color yarn, right side facing, work st st for 6 rows.
  • Bind off loosely.
  • You now have two pieces joined by a separate length of yarn.
  • Look carefully at the way the yarn goes in and out for the joining. This is how you will weave the top of the hat together.
  • Thread a blunt tapestry needle with a length of yarn four times the width of the swatch plus 6".
  • Go to the start of the first contrasting yarn knit row.
  • Slowly pull out the yarn that made the first st and as you do, follow it exactly with the threaded needle, snugging up each st as you go along.
  • Continue across the row, checking that the sts you've made look just like sts that haven't been pulled out of the other end of the row.
  • You should be ready to weave the hat top together now.

If unsure, refer to structions in "how to knit" books or online at:
Copyright 2003 by Cathy Gilroy. Permission given for Care Wear use only.