Care Wear Patterns: Knit

Pediatric IV Wrist Covers

Wrist Covers cover the IVs that sometimes bother children in the hospital. They are simple knitted (or crocheted) tubes, about 3" wide, and 6" long, with a thumb hole at about the middle.

Worsted weight yarn, acrylic, size 6 needles
Cast On 32 (loosely, so it won't be light around a wrist)
K2, P2 ribbing for 6 rows
Pattern Stitch: K 1 row; Purl 1 row; K2 P2 for two rows.
Repeat the 4 pattern rows 6 times. Then Knit 1 row, and Purl 1 row
K2, P2 ribbing for 6 rows
Cast off fairly loosely in rib. Sew side seam about halfway down, then leave about 2" open (for thumb hole on the
side), then finish sewing the rest of the seam to the end.

To make other sizes, use the following amount of stitches:
cast on 28 sts - child's small
32 sts - child's medium
36 sts - child's large
40 sts - adult's small
44 sts - adult's medium
48 sts - adult's large

Also, add more pattern repeat rows to make the cover longer for larger sizes, and leave the thumb opening a bit

Thank you to Jean Corazza for requesting permission and for sending me the patterns. Thank you to Dawn Adcock, Founder, Cultured Purls Knitting Guild ( for permission to reprint. Jean added that Johns Hopkins does not want ADULT sizes.

Mail completed items to:
Jerriann Wilson
Director, Child Life Department
Johns Hopkins Children's Center
Blalock 174, 600 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21287-4174