Care Wear Patterns: Knit

Seamless "Santa"

Red Heart Baby Sport Pompadour - Red OR 3-ply sport yarn - Red
3-ply sport yarn - White
Double pointed needles #5 and #9
Crochet hood size G

Note: Red yarn is stiffer and works up heavier than white, so larger size needles are needed.

Directions: [Preemie given, newborns in ( ) ]

  • With white and larger needles, starting with a single loop, which counts as a knit st, double cast on 54 (60-68) sts in K1, P1 rib pattern on three needles.
  • Being careful not to twist sts, join by knitting the single loop with the loose yarn end.
  • Return knit st to left hand needle (LHN).
  • Tug on end to tighten st; this eliminates a bump at the joining.
  • Change to smaller needles.
  • Work in (K1, P1) rib for 2" (2½"-3").
  • Break off white.
  • Change to larger needles.
  • With red, knit evenly around until total length is 4" (5"-6").
  • K 27 (30-34), place marker.
  • K to end and decrease as follows:
  • Rnd 1: *K2tog - K to 3 sts before marker (slip the next st knit-wise onto right hand needle and return it to left hand needle, reversing direction of st) - K2tog though back loop, K1* - slip marker then repeat between * * once.
  • Rnds 2 and 3: K evenly around.
  • Repeat these 3 rnds until 6 sts remain in dec. rnd.
  • Lay yarn over needle in front of first st and pull sts over it one by one.
  • Allowing yarn for finishing, cut red and pull through last loop. Thread yarn in tapestry needle and drop through hole.
  • Turn hat inside out, pull up yarn tightly to close hole. Weave yarn through last rnd twice, then through a few sts outside circle.

Bell :

  • With crochet hook and white, leaving a 4" tail, wrap yarn around finger twice, making a ring.
  • Sl st into ring, ch 2 (3) - 6 half dc (dc) into ring - sl st into top of ch 2(3) - ch2 (3).
  • Cut yarn, leaving a tail for finishing. Pull yarn through hole and pull up tightly on starting yarn to close hole, forming a bell shape.
  • Thread both yarn ends together in tape, try needle and weave them through last rnd of hat twice (cleverly, so white doesn't show), attaching bell securely.
  • Poke needle through center, turn hat inside out and weave ends.
  • For larger bells, tr cr or 2 rnds of half dc or dc and more sts in ring. A pom pom can be used instead of a bell.

Did I say it would be easy? It's cute, though, isn't it?

TIP: After you have made two hats for Care Wear, make a set for your family, and then use remaining yarn for more for Care Wear.

Directions for toddler (child, woman, or man):

Use: 4-ply worsted weight yarn dp needles #6 and #10

  • With larger needles, double cast on 60 (68, 76, 80) in (K1, P1) pattern.
  • Change to smaller needles and work in rib pattern for 4" (5", 6", 6").
  • Change to larger needles and work in plain knit until total length is 8" (10", 12", 12").
  • Next rnd: K 30 (34, 38, 40).
  • Place marker and work decrease as above.

When using sport weight and #5 and #9 dp needles:

  • Double cast on 80 (88, 100, 108) and work as above.
  • For decrease K 40 (44, 50, 54).
  • Place marker and work decrease as above.


ch = Chain
dec = Decrease
rnd(s) = Round(s)
dc = Double Crochet
LHN = left-hand needle
RHN = right-hand needle
K = Knit
sl st = Slip Stitch
tr cr = Triple Crochet
P = Purl
st(s) = Stitch (es)

Copyright 2002 by Cathy Gilroy. Permission given for Care Wear Volunteers use only, as noted above.