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For your convenience all of the hospitals that Care Wear is already assisting can be found here. The hospital name and address, the name of a staff liaison person, and the list of items that hospital wishes to receive are all posted. You may send items directly to one of the participating hospitals or you may contact a hospital in your own community. To learn the needs of your local hospital, contact the Director of Volunteers, the Director of Child Life, the Nurse Manager of the Nursery or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or the Director of Pediatrics. It is easiest for hospital personnel to respond to samples. It is recommended that you bring or send one of each size item that you wish to make. Label each with size and name of item. For example, Kimono/small, Kimono/medium, Kimono/large. After reviewing the samples, the hospital staff member can decide which sizes of what items can be used.

If you are a hospital staff member and you wish to add your hospital
to the listing of hospitals on the Care Wear Volunteers website, please
read and submit the following information to Bonnie Hagerman (
Call Bonnie (301-620-2858) to discuss the listing, if you have questions.
1.  All donated items must be distributed FREE to patients/patient families.
2.  All donated items will be acknowledged with a note, telephone call, or e-mail
message.   (Donors provide the supplies, the time, the skills, and the postage to
mail items.  They deserve a note to acknowledge receipt.) 
Information Needed:
Please review the hospital listings and send the following information to Bonnie:
1.  HOSPITAL NAME and USPS MAILING ADDRESS.  Please include a department name
or title of the position to whom the package should be delivered--not an employee name.
(Boxes will be returned if the employee moves to another office or leaves the hospital.)
The mailing address should be the hospital address--not a staff member's home address.
2.  CONTACT INFORMATION in case there are questions about sizes, quantities needed, etc.
(Telephone number, e-mail address, and/or FAX)
3.  The NAME OF A  "CONTACT PERSON" who can answer questions.
4. YOUR NEEDS--A list of what your hospital wishes to receive.  Please be specific and include sizes.
(Ex: preemie hats, full-term booties, micro-preemie burial garments, 30" x 30" and larger quilts
and blankets of fleece or flannel).  Include color preferences or other details to guide donors.

Individuals should discuss the hospital listing with a staff member at the hospital to be sure that
the hospital wishes to be listed and will designate someone to be the contact person.  



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