Updates & Corrections

HUNTINGTON HOSPITAL (Attn: Parent Coordinator, 100 West California Blvd, Pasadena CA 91109-7013) has a new contact person--Brenda Burke.  Her e-mail address is brenda.burke@huntingtonhospital.com and 626-397-8509.  No change to needs.  They are in most need of burial garments in smaller sizes.
(December 30, 2016)

SEWING TOTE BAGS FOR YOUNG PATIENTS IN PEDIATRICS at Frederick Memorial Hospital  (400 West Seventh Street, Frederick MD 21701).   To keep toys and belongings off tray tables and from falling to the floor, the staff in Pediatrics appreciates having colorful tote bags for their young patients.   Size can vary and handles may be made from matching fabric or polypropylene or cotton webbing.   Donate directly to FMH--Attn: Volunteer Services Office/Sharon Hannaby, Director.  Sharon will distribute immediately to Pediatrics.   IF you have fabrics suitable for tote bags for children, Care Wear Volunteers welcomes donations and will send a receipt.   Drapery weight fabrics work best.   Many thanks.  (December 2016). 

FABRICS FOR WALKER CADDIES--The Frederick Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Sewing Committee sent out an appeal for HEAVY WEIGHT/STIFF drapery and upholstery fabrics for the walker caddies the committe assembles.  Send to Care Wear Volunteers, 102 Mercer Ct #23-5, Frederick MD 21701-4070 or deliver to the Care Wear Volunteers office at 324 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701.   Be sure to call to confirm my schedule in the office--301-620-2858 or e-mail: carewear@comcast.net.   I will provide a receipt for all donations.
(December 2016)

UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND/ST. JOSEPH MEDICAL CENTER, (Attn: Volunteer Development, 7601 Osler Drive, Towson, MD 21204) is in need of burial gowns, sacques, and sets for preemie sizes.  They did not have a gown to fit a 2 lb infant that did not survive.  All of the their gowns were too large.   (December 2016)
CARE NET PREGNANCY CENTER OF FREDERICK (Cindy Morris, Client Services Director, 707 North Market Street, Frederick, MD 21701) updated the list of needs.  See the Care Net Pregnancy Center of Frederick listing.  (Dec. 2016)

HIGHLAND HOSPITAL, Attn: Social Services Dept (Rose Schimel, MSW), 1411 East 31st Street, Oakland, CA 94602.   NEW HOSPITAL LISTING.   Requesting preemie & full term hats & booties.   (Newborn hats to fit the head size of a medium grapefruit--with good stretch at the bottom edge.)  Blankets/afghans for preemie and larger sizes. (Please don't mix pink & blue in blankets.)  Quilts in baby pastel colors or nursery prints.  Toys, including rattles, teethers, crib mobiles, art supplies, stickers, coloring books, and  fabric/fiberfill toys.  Layette items--wash cloths, bibs, cuddle covers (breast feeding covers), and baby sweaters & jackets in pastel colors only.  Micro-preemie burial garments in assorted colors.    (November 21, 2016)

(198001 Observation Dr, Germantown, MD 20876 Attn: Director of Women & Intant Services)  requests layette items for a large maternal/newborn underprivileged community population.  Blankets, quilts and layette items would be appreciated and utilized. Contact information is listed in the hospital listing for this site.   NOTE: This hospital does not have a Pediatric Unit.     (November 10, 2016).
VANDERBILT HOSPITAL NICU has a good stockpile of donated items and is NOT ACCEPTING ANY DONATIONS AT THIS TIME.  (October 31, 2016 )

VENTURA COUNTY MEDICAL CENTER (CA) added quilts & fabric blankets (54"x36")--a mixture of colors & patterns for boys and girls to their list of needs.  (October 5, 2016)

TOTE BAGS for patients at the Frederick Memorial Hospital Cancer Therapy Center.     In addition to warm hats & shawls, the FMH Cancer Therapy Center appreciates receiving NEW/UNUSED  tote bags.    Any colorful fabric can be used for tote bags, but drapery fabrics and heavier cottons (duck, sailcloth, denim, etc..) make great tote bags.   There is NO required size or shape, but I have been making them large enough to accommodate shawls, hats, papers, etc...     Handles can be made from matching fabric or polypropylene webbing.    Cheerful and colorful fabrics are recommended.    Deliver directly to the FMH Cancer Therapy Center, 501 West Seventh Street, Frederick MD 21701.     NOTE:  If you have leftover drapery fabric from a home project, please consider a donation to Care Wear Volunteers. Contact Bonnie Hagerman--301-620-2858 or 324 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701.   Donations are tax deductible.   (September 12, 2016)    

SEWING ALREADY CUT-OUT  NECK & COUGH PILLOWS for Frederick Memorial Hospital--FREDERICK, MARYLANDLocal Care Wear Volunteers participants are invited to pick up already cut-out neck & cough pillows (rectangular & heart shaped) at the Care Wear Volunteers office [324 West Patrick Street, Frederick MD 21701].   All that needs to be done is sew a 1/4" seam allowance, clip the seam allowances on curved seams, turn the pillow to the right side, press, and deliver to the Volunteer Office (Attn: Sharon Hannaby) at Frederick Memorial Hospital (400 West Seventh Street, Frederick MD).     Volunteers in the FMH Auxiliary will stuff the pillows, sew them closed, and distribute to patients at the hospital.     Please call 301-620-2858 to check office hours (usually Monday-Friday--10am to 3pm).      Note: there are also cut-out toys (Bunnies and Scrappy People Pillow Toys) available for sewing, but volunteers will have to purchase the fiberfill to stuff these toys.  The FMH Auxiliary does NOT provide fiberfill to stuff toys.  If you take cut-out toys, you will have to sew, clip, turn, paint on faces, stuff with fiberfill, sew closed, and then deliver where needed.     Thanks for your assistance with these projects made from donated fabrics.     (September 12, 2016)

RANDOLPH HOSPITAL (Sylvia Beamer, Director of Volunteer Services, 364 White Oak Street, PO Box 1048, Asheboro, NC 27203) wrote that Randolph Hopsital NEEDS burial garments in preemie to full-term sizes, baby blankets, FULL-TERM baby hats, neck pillows, and stuffed animals.   Sylvia always acknowledges deliveries and is most appreciative of what is delivered to her patients.  (AUGUST 1, 2016)
NOVANT HEALTH HEMBY CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL (Child LIfe Specialist--Kristen Beaury, 200 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte, NC 28204  no longer requests drawstring beads of courage bags for their patients.  They have sufficient quantities to last a while.  THANKS.   Contact Kristen for more information (845-849-4289 or Knuss@novanthealth.org.          Directions can be found on the following site: http://www.bechildcanceraware.org/beads-of-courage/photo-instructions-for-bead-bags/     (July 20, 2016)

NEW HOSPITAL LISTING:  CONTRA COSTA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER (Volunteer Office, 2500 Alhambra Avenue, Martinez, CA 94553.)  Contact person Rhonda R. Smith, Volunteer Program Coordinator,  requests knit or crochet baby blankets 36" square & larger in pastels or white. Please don't mix pink & blue. Quilts requested in baby pastel colors or nursery prints.  Knit, crochet, or fleece hats are requested for winter and cotton hats for summer.  Size--to fit a medium sized grapefruit with good stretch--especially at the bottom edge   Baby sweaters or jackets requested in pastel colors only.   For more information about the hospital programs: http://cchealth.org/medicalcenter/layette-program.php   Telephone: 925-370-5441.   Cell: 925-348-6461.  FAX: 925-370-5918.  E-Mail: Rhonda.Smith@hsd.cccounty.us  (May 24, 2016)

requests layette sets (booties, hat, & sweater) to give to families with newborns who come to the Food Bank.   Full-term sizes needed.   Additional blankets to add to the sets welcomed, too.    Send to JO OSTBY, 4328 Reels Mill Road, Frederick MD 21704.   #240-529-4815 in case of questions.  Jo wrote, "...People you need food usually need pretty much everything..."   Do you have lightly used baby-children's clothing?  Contact Jo if you have other items that might be helpful.     (May 13, 2016) 

NEW HOSPITAL LISTING:  Ventura County Medical Center, Attn: Child Life/Pediatrics, 3291 Loma Vista Road, Ventura, CA 93003  Requesting medical-surgical dolls in various skin tone colors (tan, brown, peach) to be used to prepare pediatric patients for various procedures and to teach patients about their medical treatment.  Contact person--Kendra Alkire, e-mail: kendra.alkire@ventura.org (April 6, 2016).  The sewing pattern is on pp 54-55 of the "2014 Revised Pattern & Information Book.pdf" on this website under the menu item--PATTERNS. 

Will you help sew lap blankets for SENIORS?  Sharon O. has pieced fabrics for lap blanket tops and paired them with a coordinating bottom fabric.  She is looking for volunteers to add a batting and finish the edges.  She will mail those components (sewn tops & coordinating bottoms) to you to finish and donate locally to seniors in nursing homes.  These are not colors suitable for children.   Contact Sharon--518-482-6408.  (April 4, 2016)  THANKS for your help.
Hats needed:  Valley Baptist Medical Center (Attn: Child Life Specialist--Maricela Medina--2101 Pease Street, Harlingen, TX 78551).  WELL SUPPLIED at this time. Contact Maricela before sending anything. Telephone: 956-389-4067.  E-mail: maricela.medina@valleybaptist.net.  (AUGUST 8, 2016)
Novant Health Hemby Children's Hospital (Attn: Child Life Specialist Kristen Beaury, 200 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte, NC 28204 ) requests IV covers for children as well as Medical-Surgical dolls.   (March 9, 2016)

Correction:  Childrens Hospital of Colorado (Attn: Volunteer Services Manager, Deborah Schuster) Association of Volunteers,  13123 East 16th Avenue, Box B465, Aurora CO 80045).   Moved from Denver to Aurora.  (February 4, 2016)

Urbana, Maryland Food Bank (Reels Mill Road, Frederick, MD) requests baby blankets to distribute to families in need.  Contact Jo Ostby #240-529-4815 or allsodifferent@gmail.com for delivery & mailing details or specifics about needs.

Mailing Address Correction: PROVIDENCE HOSPITAL (MA) requests burial garments.  Laurie Ann Fellows RN, provided her address for quicker delivery to the patients.   Mail to Laurie Ann Fellows RN, 8 Pheasant Hill Drive, Bellingtham, MA 02019. UPDATE:  Providence Hospital is no longer accepting handmade items because of infection control regulations.  (August 2018)

SITTY'S WISH (Grand Rapids, MI) is closing due to insufficient funding.

WEDDING GOWNS REQUESTED:  A Care Wear Volunteers participant & former student of mine at Hood College is making burial garments using wedding gowns.  If you would be willing to donate your wedding gown for this project, please mail to Bonnie Hagerman, Care Wear Volunteers, 102 Mercer CT #23-5, Frederick, MD 21701-4070.  To deliver to the Care Wear Volunteers office, call 301-620-2858 to confirm my office schedule.    I will provide a receipt for your donation.  THANK YOU very much for your help with her very caring project.  (ongoing--December 2016)

ANNE ARUNDEL MEDICAL CENTER (Attn: Child Life/Pediatrics, 2001 Medical Parkway, Annapolis, MD 21401) requests blank medical-surgical dolls (in various skin tone colors--tan, brown, peach) to be used to prepare pediatric patients for various procedures in the ED (i.e. IVs, sutures, staples, etc.)   Contact person: Meghan Siegel, Certified Child LIfe Specialist, 443-481-6257 or msiefel@aahs.org.   (July 24, 2015)

HOLY CROSS HOSPITAL (Attn: Child LIfe Specialist, 1500 Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910) requests blank medical-surgical dolls (in various skin tone colors--tan brown and peach) to be used to prepare Pediatric patients for surgery.  Contact person is Rachel Warner, Child Life Specialist, 301-754-7613 or Rachel.Warner@holycrosshealt.org)  (July 21, 2015)

JACKSON PARK HOSPITAL (Attn: Jackson Park Hospital Chaplain, 5600 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Hyde Park Union Church, Chicago IL 60637).  This new hospital requests blankets,  booties, washcloths, and bibs to distribute to parents with new babies.  This hospital serves a low-income patient population. Contact person isRev. Erma Croom, chaplain@hpuc.org   (May 20,  2016) UPDATE:  Do not send anything until you confirm that this program of the Chaplain is still on-going.   (AUGUST 2018)

CHRISTUS HOSPITAL, Port Arthur, TX will be closing their nursery unit in approximately 60 days.  Call before donating anything to be sure that your finished items can be used.  (July 2, 2015)

requests hats for adult cancer patients who feel cold during treatments.  They are in need of hats at this time (June 19, 2015).    501 West Seventh Street, Frederick MD 21701.  

Holmes Regional Medical Center (see below) has a new contact person: Adriana Albuerne-Pargas has left her position and KELLY McGUIRE replaces her.  The e-mail address for Kelly is Kelly.McGuire@health-first.org.  (May 26. 2015)

Attn: Child LIfe--Child Life Specialist, 200 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte, NC 28204.  Requests blank cloth medical-surgical learning dolls in tan, brown, and white.  Pattern is located in Care Wear Volunteers PATTERNS (Revised Pattern & Information Book pdf  on pages 54 and 55) on this website.  Contact person is Kristen Beaury, Child LIfe Specialist in the Child LIfe Department.  Telephone 845-849-4289.  E-Mail: knuss@novanthealth.org    (May 12, 2015)

New Hospital LIsting: Memorial Hospital of Texas County, Attn: OB Supervisor (Kim Wadley), 520 Medical Drive, Guymon, OK 73942.  Telephone: 580-338-6515 x-2263.  This hospital has approximately 6 losses each year--ranging from 20-41 weeks gestation.  An assortment of burial garments in any colors would be appreciated.  This hospital also needs baby hats.  Contact person for additional information is Jessica Pond, RN, jessicapondRN@yahoo.com.   (April 24, 2015)

New Hospital Listing:  Geisinger Wyoming Valley Hospital, MOD Family Support Specialist, 1000 East Mountain Blvd, Wilkes-Barre PA 18707.   Requests CUDDLE COVERS for NICU mothers.  Contact Kathy Devaney, Staff NICU Nurse,  via e-mail--kdevaney0731@gmail.com or telephone--570-690-1607.  The pattern for cuddle covers is printed in the Sept. 2010 newsletter (p 17-21) on this website (NEWSLETTERS) and an electronic version can be requested from Barbara Raab--Barbara.Raab@sluhn.org or 610-954-4434.   (April 17, 2015)
Needs update: St. Luke's University Hospital (801 Ostrum Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015--Barbara Raab NICU family Support Specialist) wrote that her hospital has a good supply of burial gowns, but needs "cuddle covers" (Breast Feeding Covers) and "Share Squares" (4" square soft fabric pieces for parents to scent and leave with their babies in the NICU).   April 14, 2015.

New Listing: Riverside Community Hospital (4445 Magnolia Ave., Riverside, CA 92501  Attn: Auxiliary Office Director--Lillian Reyes-Maples).  Phone 951-788-3108. For questions, contact Cyndi NOlasco, President-Elect Volunteer Auxiliary Board 951-264-1689 or e-mail--cnolasco23@sbcglobal.net.  Requests Medical-Surgical Dolls in a variety of skin-tone colors.   

AFGHANS for Pine Ridge Reservation: Knit & crochet blanket squares requested by Pam Little Sparrow Wingard who sews them together and sends them to Native American Lakota Sioux residents of Sout Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation.    Mailing Address:  AS4PRR--Pam Little Sparrow Wingard, 16854 London Avenue, Baton Rouge Louisiana 70819-1829.   Six-inch or twelve-inch squares preferred, but other sizes are accepted.  Leave about 4" of yarn dangling from square. Don't clip or weave in yarn ends.  Any color except black and white.  Any pattern (the less holes the better).  Use any fiber content.  The warmer the better.  Superwash wool is preferred.  Please label wool because of allergies.  Label if superwash wool.  For questions: PamLittleSparrow@gmail.com.  (March 19, 2015)
REQUEST for 24" x 24" Blankets:  Frederick Memorial Hospital--NICU, 400 West Seventh Street, Frederick, MD 21701 issued an urgent request for 24" x 24" blankets for use in the NICU.  Sincere thanks if you can help. (March 18, 2015)
NEW LISTING:  HOPE FOR TWO..The Pregnant with Cancer Network (PO Box 253, Amherst, NY 14226.  Telephone 1-800-743-4471  E-mail: info@hopefortwo.org  Website: www.hopefortwo.org     Hope for Two is an international non-profit organization for women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy.  This group requests hand made baby blankets for member totes. Blankets can be knit, crochet, fleece, or quilted--approximately 36" x 36".  PLEASE phone 1-800-743-4471 or e-mail ("baby blanket" in the subject line) to arrange delivery.  The Post Office does not accept packages.   (March 13, 2015)

NEW HOSPITAL: GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL, Attn: Vice President, Volunteer Services (Claudia Weist), 2425 Samaritan Drive, San Jose, CA 95124.  Telephone: 408-559-2011, www.goodsamsanjose.com.   NEEDS: Walker Caddies.   Contact person is Claudia Weist. (February 2015)

NEW HOSPITAL: COMMUNITY REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER, Volunteer Services, 2823 Fresno Street, Fresno, CA 93721. Telephone: 559-459-2891 x-52891,  Fax: 559-459-6799, cell 559-281-4055,  jbranch@communitymedical.org   NEEDS: Small FLEECE and FLANNEL BLANKETS--24" x 24" and larger.  Contact person is Jonie Branch, Manager, Volunteer Services.  (February 23, 2015)
NEW HOSPITAL:  HOLMES REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER, LABOR/BIRTH SUITES, 1350 South Hickory Street, Melbourne, FL 32901Telephone: 321-434-7180  Fax: 321-434-8546.  Contact Person: KELLY McGUIRE, Rn (Kelly.McGuire@health-first.org).  Needs: Bereavement items hats in all sizes especially 24 weeks, angel wraps, fatal demise pouches and buntings, gowns with or without bonnets & hats--in all sizes, booties in all sizes, blankets 8-10" and 15-36". Color preferences: white, cream pale pastel colors.  Please use only ribbon ties--not velcro or buttons.  (UPDATED MAY 26, 2015)

NEW HOSPITAL: Novant Health Prince William Medical Center,
8700 Sudley Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, Attn: Palliative Care Program-Cynthia Coleman, Manager).  c.coleman@novanthelath.org  703-396-5226  Seeking donations for adults who are nearing end of life.  Soft donations such as blankets, shawls, or slippers in a variety of materials & colors to suit any adults.  Contact Cynthia, if you have any questions.

NEW HOSPITAL:  HOLY CROSS HOSPITAL, Germantown (Attn: Kamala Richmond, RN, Director of Women's & Infants' Services,  19801 Observation Drive, Germantown, MD 20876)  301-557-6026 or richmokj@holycrosshealth.org  Contact Kamala Richmond to discuss needs.  They were happy to receive 25 baby hats at their Grand Opening on 9-22-14.  (September 22, 2014)

Medical-Surgical Dolls needed.  (Kennedy Krieger Institute, Attn: Child Life & Therapeutic Recreation Dept., 707 North Broadway, Baltimore MD 21205  (Sinead Nimmo--443-923-2630) is running low on medical-surgical dolls in a variety of skin tone colors to use with their young patients.  Contact Sinead Nimmo, nimmo@kennedykrieger.org if you have questions.  THANKS if you can send dolls ASAP.   (September 10, 2014).

The Arms of an Angel--Trisomy 18 Association (Rhonda Nickerson, President, 2934 Margeaux Drive, Lancaster TX 75134, 214-779-1197) is a newly organized nonprofit organization dedicated to the needs of families affected by the genetic disorder Trisomy, and the loss of a child.  Their mission will include peer support programs within an environment of support and education for these children, couples, and famiies dealing with loss and bereavement.   They will distribute knit/crochet blankets, hats, & burial garments and  assemble bereavement boxes with a crochet angel.   Rhonda offers to pick up finished items within a reasonable distance.  Contact Rhonda for additional details.  WEBSITE: www.trisomy18dallas.org   (September 3, 2014)

JACKSON PARK HOSPITAL (Attn: Jackson Park Hospital Chaplain, 5600 S. Woodlawn Ave., Hyde Park Union Church, Chicago, IL 60637).  This new hospital requests blankets, baby hats & bibs to distribute to parents with new babies.  This hospital serves a low-income patient population.  Contact person is Celeste Groff, chaplain@hpuc.org  773-947-7608.   (July 11, 2014)  UPDATE:  The position of Chaplain is now vacant and may not be re-filled.   Do not send anything until you confirm that the Chaplain's program is in effect.  (August 2018)

FAMILY OUTREACH OF HORRY COUNTY, (PO BOX 2057, Conway, SC 29528) is in great need of baby & toddler clothing (newborn to 5T), newborn layettes, blankets, and baby sweaters.  Telephone 843-234-2350.  (June 23, 2014)

Sinai Hospital/Life Bridge Health (2401 W. Belvedere Ave., Baltimore, MD 21215) requests shawls and hats for adult cancer patients in addition to baby blankets, full-term hats & booties, etc. Beth Markowitz is the volunteer Manager.  410-601-5023  bmarkowi@lifebridgehealth.org    (March 31, 2014)

New Hospital/Request for burial garments:  Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, Attn: Child Life Specialist--2C, 417 Third Avenue, Albany GA 31721 is a new addition to the hospital list. They request BURIAL GARMENTS in all sizes.  Mandy Lanier- 229-312-2942 is the contact person.   (March 27, 2014)

Appeal for Burial Garments:   The nurse manager of the NICUs in Bryn Mawr Hospital & Lankenau Medical Center requests burial garments.  (Bryn Mawr Hospital,  Attn: Nurse Manager NICU, 130 South Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 and Lankenau Medical Center,  Attn: Nurse Manager- NICU, 100 Lancasster Avenue, Wynnewood PA 19096.)    (March 10, 2014)

The University of Arizona Medical Center--Diamond Children's (1501 N Campbell Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85724-5116  Attn: Child Life Manager--Room DC5141.)  Requests blankets, quilts, pillowcases & surgery (scrub) caps for children & teens in FUN FABRICS,  Medical-Surgical dolls in any solid color.  Heather Robers is the contact person--520-694-5525.    (March 9, 2014) 

Request for burial garments:  Barb Mahoney, BSN, Nurse Manager BMH & TLH NICU, 484-337-4612 (Philadelphia area).  (March 9, 2014)

Geisinger Medical Center, (Attn: Phoebe Beckley, NICU Family Support, 100 N Academy Avenue, Danville, PA 17822-2710) requests donations of "Share Squares" so that every family will have 2 (for Mom and baby).  Share Squares are 4" squares of flannel fabric with finished edges.  Parents keep the square against their skin and then the square is given to calm the baby--while Mom is not present. This is an easy project and your help is appreciated.  (pibeckley@geisinger.edu or 570-271-7345).   (March 5, 2014)


NEW HOSPITAL:  Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, Attn: Director of Volunteers Services, 1300 N Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027).  Contact person is Gabriela Duran Lopez--323-644-4402 or gabriela.lopez@hpmedcenter.com    They need Micro-preemie & preemie burial wraps (XS, S, M), preemie & full-term hats & booties for boys and girls, Blankets (knit, crochet, or fabric) 30" x 40", and Bibs for Adults. (March 4, 2014)

CORRECTIONS--NAME, ADDRESS, and NEEDS for CPC Pregnancy Center that is now COMMUNITY PREGNANCY CENTER.  Their address has changed from Boniface to 4231 Lake Otis Parkway, Anchorage AK 99508.   They request large preemie & full-term hats & booties.  (February 25, 2014) 

ADDRESS CORRECTION for Holy Cross Hospital (Silver Spring MD):  Mail to: Holy Cross Hospital, Attn: Director of Wmen's & Children's Services (Nancy Nagel), 1500 Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910.   Needs preemie & medium-large full-term hats, crib size blankets.  No longer request burial garments. 

NEW HOSPITAL:  The Kennedy Krieger Institute, Attn: Child Life & Therapeutic Recreation Dept, 707 North Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21205.  Contact person is Sinead Nimmo, Child Life Specialist (nimmo@kennedykrieger.org.  443-923-2630.   Requesting Medical-Surgical Dolls in a variety of skin tones to use with their young patients.

NEW HOSPITAL:  Memorial Regional Hospital, Attn: Labor & Delivery Bereavement Counselor, 3501 Johnson Street, Hollywood, FL 33021
Requests burial garments in all sizes (18 weeks to full term).  A few micro-preemie, but most needed are the preemie & full-term sizes.  Ivory, white, pastels, and other color schemes welcomed.     Contact person is MARY SWEARINGEN (cell 954-682-1015). 

NEW HOSPITAL:  ( May 21, 2013) Meadowlands Hospital, Attn: Nursing Staff--Labor & Delivery, 55 Meadowlands Parkway, Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 requests a few burial garments.

(May 20, 2013) Sylvia Beamer, Director of Volunteer Services, Randolph Hospital, PO Box 1048, Asheboro, NC reports a good supply of IV covers at the moment. Check with her before sending any more IV covers at this time. (336.629.8886).

Randolph Hospital needs BLANKETS (30-36 inch square) & SHAWLS (w/fringe preferred).

Stork's Nest Program, Bayview Center, Johns Hopkins Medical Center cannot accept "used" items (including handmade).


Corrections to the 2012 Pattern & Information Book.  NOTE: These corrections have been made to the "2014 Revised Pattern & Information Book" that is posted on the website. 

  • PAGE 12:  PATTERN - Row 1: K2, P2, ending with P2.
  • PAGE 54: New mailing address for Johns Hopkins Childrens Center:JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL,  BLOOMBERG CHILDREN'S CENTER, Room 7217, Child Life Department, 1800 Orleans Street, Baltimore, MD 21287.
  • PAGE 27:  Easy Booties for Preemies--Last line of directions. "...gathering up last 5 or 6 sts to round the heel."