Fiberfill Bear Sewing Pattern

In addition to the patterns available on this site, this page provides links to other sites and to the downloadable 2018 Pattern and Information Book.  And at the end of this page, you can search the Carewear newsletters for patterns and download the corresponding newsletters.

Patterns on this Site

SPECIAL PROJECT in coordination with the Crochet Guild of America
2024 Crochet Guild of America Chapter Challenge: Shawls (Downloadable PDF)
This is a 64-page booklet of Challenge information and patterns.

The 2018 Revised Pattern and Information Book (PDF)
This is a 92 page booklet of knit, crochet, and sewing patterns, photos, and other project information. Hardcopy of this book is available for those who do not have Internet access or who cannot download or print this large file. A donation of $5.00 is requested to cover postage.

List of Pattern Sites (xls) 
This is a collected list of other web sites that offer patterns. Please note that these sites are not part of the Carewear site, and may change. Some links may no longer be valid. You must have a recent version of Microsoft Excel to view this spreadsheet.

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