Care Wear Patterns: Knit

Knitted Snuggler (a positioning tool for NICU infants)

Designed by Sharri Shively. Permission to use for all Care Wear affiliates.

Yarn: 4-ply worsted or 3-ply baby sport or sport yarn
Needle and Stitches : Whatever gauge you determine that will give you a finished product of 5½" to 6" wide and 26" to 30" long.
Gauge: Use suggested gauge for making Care Wear 5½" to 6" hats. Finished product should not be knitted too loosely, as it will stretch too much when being stuffed.
Suggested Stitches : Stockinette, garter, moss.
Patterns: Variegated yarn, stripes, ripple (just avoid loose, open stitches).
Colors: Keep it pastel, but have fun mixing leftover yarns.
Note: Knot colors when joining and leave at least a 2" tail; these tails can be worked to inside when stuffing.

Sewing and Stuffing the Snugglers:

Version 1: Stuff as you finish

•  When ending piece, do not cast off! Cut yarn at 45", place on sewing needle, and run yarn length through the stitches on the knitting needle.
•  Remove from knitting needle; draw up stitches and lock stitch.
•  Use the remaining length of the yarn to sew up the snuggler.
•  Sew using a weaving stitch, one per row of knitting. Keep it loose to prevent a ridge, but don't get sloppy loose either.
•  Stuff as you sew, filling at least 1/3 to ½ of the snuggler length at a time. The longer the piece of fiberfill, the less it will bunch when washed. Also, overlap the fiberfill ends at least 2", using a thinner thickness at the overlap edges, so there is no bump.
•  The finished project should feel like a very soft loaf of bread when squeezed. It will bend over when held vertically, but not flop in half. One 20 oz bag of fiberfill will stuff 8 to 10 snugglers, depending on how loosely or tightly they are knitted.
•  To end, lock stitch at end of sewn seam (if you don't lock stitch now, when you pull together it will pucker your seam). Run a gathering stitch around open end, pull tightly and lock stitch at least twice. Hide leftover length of yarn into body of snuggler by jabbing through and pulling out other side several inches away, then trim off whatever is sticking out.

Version 2: Knit Now, Stuff Later

  • Bind off, stow in purse, pocket or other until you are ready to stuff. Leave 45" yarn end for sewing later.
  • To sew and stuff: Starting with bound off edge, run a gathering stitch, pull tight and lock stitch.
  • Use the remaining length of yarn to sew as described in Version 1, ending the same way.