Care Wear Patterns: Knit

Teddy Bear


  • #3 knitting needles with 3-ply sport yarn or 3-ply yarn
  • #4 knitting needles with 4-ply yarn
  • #6 knitting needles with Red Heart Knitting Worsted "Fleck" yarn
    Note: One skein makes three bears

Stockinette Stitch (not Garter Stitch) = Knit one row, Purl next row


  • Using main color and double pointed needles, cast on 20 sts for a leg.
  • Work in a round (rd) in garter stitch over entire bear.
  • Work until leg measures 1½" ( 3½ cm).
  • Set first leg aside on a holder and work a second leg to match.
  • Place both legs on needles together and work as 1 rd.
  • Cast on 2 new sts at center front and center back, where legs meet - 44 sts on rd.
  • Work for 2" (5 cm).
  • On next rd, cast on 20 new sts on left and right side of body for arms.
  • Work over this larger rd for 1" ( 3½ cm).
  • On next rd, cast off 30 sts on left and right side to complete arms.
  • Continue to work in a rd over neck and head.
  • Increase in the following manner:
  • Increase 2 sts on each side every other rd 3 times and then every fourth rd 1 time.
  • Work without increasing for 1½" (4 cm).
  • Cast off.
  • Sew arms and legs closed, gathering ends slightly.
  • Stuff bear and sew head closed.
  • Stitch on eyes and nose.
  • Sew diagonally down across corners of head to make ears (as shown in photo).


  • Using contrasting color and larger double pointed needles, cast on 7 sts.
  • Work back and forth in garter stitch until scarf measure approximately 7½" ( 20 cm).
  • Wrap scarf around bear's neck and tie.
  • Sew the knot down to fasten scarf to bear.  


  • Embroider eyes, mouth, and nose.

Doris K sent the pattern and samples of this adorable bear! She wrote that she found these directions in an old Norwegian knitting book. We discussed the age of the book and the likelihood of copyright violation. We agreed that it should not be a problem. Doris knits these for her granddaughter and writes that the bears are fun and fast to knit! Very sweet! Thanks Doris!