Wheelchair or Walker Caddies

When patients are "introduced" to walkers or wheelchairs, they don't know where to carry their essentials. Hospitals appreciate having walker caddies to give to patients so that eye glasses, wallet, tissues, and other essentials can be kept close at hand. Later, patients can design their own versions of these caddies to carry newspapers, magazines, knitting supplies, etc...


  • l/2 yard of a sturdy fabric (denim, drapery or lightweight upholstery fabrics)
  • 52 inches of twill tape (1/2 inch - 1 inch width) or sturdy grosgrain ribbon, cut into two 26 inch pieces
  • Optional: Velcro strips or dots to make one pocket more securely closed


  1. Cut two (on fold).
  2. With right sides together, sew a 1 inch seam around the entire caddie leaving an opening on one side (see diagram: A to B)
  3. Clip corners to reduce bulk (see diagram).
  4. Turn caddie to right side.
  5. Tuck seam allowances between A and B inside opening.
  6. Fold 26 inch lengths of twill tape in half (13 inch length).
  7. Position folded lengths of twill tape at the X markings.
  8. Machine stitch around the outer edge of the caddie as shown in diagram at right. Optional: Sew two rows of machine stitching. Goals: keep edges flat to close the opening to secure the twill tape ties.
  9. Fold up 6 inches of the caddie as shown.

10. Machine stitch as illustrated through all layers, backstitch when starting and ending.

OPTIONAL: Position a Velcro dot or short length of Velcro in the positions marked in the diagram at right. Machine stitch to secure in place on the pocket and the back of the caddie.

ALTERNATE DESIGN: Again, in an effort to protect valuables, one packet might have a zipper. See the design of a caddie that is available from a retail store.

ALTERNATE DESIGN: The ties might be Velcro fastened instead of tied in a bow or knot. See the illustration at right.

ALTERNATE SIZES: There is no standard size. Make the caddie to fit the wheelchair or walker. The commercially produced caddie shown at right is 12 inches wide by 7 inches tall.